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Shawn, on the purpose of the masks

"What we want to show kids is that you can come to a Slipknot show and not worry about what you look like or what group you're in."

-Sid masks-

s/t mask: Loads of different gas masks.

IOWA mask: A skull mask,he had both black and a white one.

Vol 3 mask: A full skeleton mask and long hair.

-Joey masks-

s/t mask: A plain white kabuki mask, which he later painted patterns on.

IOWA mask: A kabuki mask with blood splatters on.

Vol 3 mask: A kabuki mask with a different pattern painted on.

-Paul masks-

s/t mask: A pig mask with a lock hanging from the nose,which was later removed.Well actually when Slipknot were playing one of their first shows with masks,Paul showed up with wire weaved in and out of his piercing.

IOWA mask: A sort of a pig mask, it reminds more of a gas mask really,

Vol 3 mask: Simular to his IOWA one,with a big crack on the forehead which reaches down to his face.

-Chris masks-

s/t mask: A bondage hood and a pinocchio mask with a zipper for mouth.

IOWA mask: Same as the s/t mask, only with few minor changes like bigger eye holes,more muddy etc.

Vol 3 mask: Simular to his older ones, but with a goofier shape and bigger eye holes.

-James masks-

s/t mask: Jim's first mask was a bondage hood which was really Josh's old mask (Josh was the guitar player for Slipknot before Jim).Jim wore it for some time,but he didn't felt like it matched with his personality,so he made his own which matched his personality!..It was a jester mask that he is still wearing today,except he has made some changes.

IOWA mask: Same as the s/t mask, only with few changes.He also had a silver jester mask.

Vol 3 mask: Simular to his older ones, only with less paint and no horn on the chin.

-Craig masks-

s/t mask: Craig originally wore pandyhose on his head when he joined Slipknot (in the mfkr days).Then he had a wolfskin mask for some time until he found an old Sinclair's gas station racing helmet,he put diving goggles on it and he put a lot of spikes on the top of it.He used to have a flashlight at top of it too,but it was removed.The helmet was originally white when he wore it first with no spikes at the top.But later he added the spikes and he painted it black.

IOWA mask: A bondage hood with spikes attached to the head and a zipper for mouth.

Vol 3 mask: Simular to his IOWA one only with much bigger spikes.

-Shawn masks-

s/t mask: Shawn's first mask was a very old clown mask that he bought from a store when he was young.He later found it in his basement when he was cleaning it.And he started to wear it.His second mask was kinda like the old one,except it had an angry face and looked more evil.Then he changed that one by cutting the hair off and he also put some blood on it and stuff.

IOWA mask: A clown mask with a pentagram carved in the face and his number '6' carved on the forehead.It also contained little devil horns,a black clown nose and a brain sticking out of the head.

Vol 3 mask: A clown mask wrapped in bandage and a brain sticking out.

-Mick masks-

s/t mask: Mick's first mask was a yellow painted modified hockey mask,he wore it when he joined the band.Then he changed over to a metallic/leather mask

IOWA mask: Same as the s/t mask, only a little different.

Vol 3 mask: Simular to his older ones, with a very evil and brutalic look.

-Corey masks-

s/t mask: His first one was a crash dummy mask with dreads made from his real hair.But he got sick of pulling them through the little holes on the mask so you cut them off and sewed them on the mask.He also had a ghost glow mask with dreads.

IOWA mask: Simular to his s/t mask,only more professionally made and some had blue or green dreads and some masks were white and some gray.

Vol 3 mask: Simular to his older ones,with an evil looking rucked face and no dreads, only his real hair.


In 2004 Slipknot started to wear different masks while performing one of their singles 'Vermilion' on stage. These masks were casts of their actual faces shaped into masks.

The masks are called - The Death Masks

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