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As you know,all the members of Slipknot wear jumpsuits.But have they always worn jumpsuits?,no at first they didn't even all wear masks.Shawn was the first one to wear something.He wore his original Clown mask and he wore jumpsuits but not the ones they wear now,he dressed in white jumpsuits and had paintsplatters all over it.Before he wore the jumpsuits with the paintsplatters he just wore a regular t-shirt and jeans.Joey,who was the second person to wear a mask didn't even always wear suits,he sometimes played half naked.Paul wore a t-shirt and shorts and sometimes he wore a cap or a hood over his mask.Josh the ex-guitarist had a black bondage mask and wore regular clothes.In the old days Shawn rented out a large purple "Barney" suit and others wore Nun dresses and even ballroom dresses or a Little Bo Peep outfit.When Mick joined he wore things like bath ropes and pink dresses.Craig placed pantyhose over his head and wore a SPAM t-shirt.During the mfkr days, they had some funny clothing.Joey dressed up as a little girl in pantyhose and a blouse.Paul dressed in gangster suit.Mick was dressed up like a wizard.And Josh wore some kind of suit.

The recent Slipknot as we know them today all wear jumpsuits and they have loads of them.Many versions,like the original jumpsuits,the ones they are wearing on the cover of the selftitled album are red.Shawn didn't want orange because he said they would look like prisoners...lol.They have worn many colours ,blue,white,red,black,green and even gold.The jumpsuits which came with the self-titled album had a large barcode on the back and a small one on the left chest,and the bands logo, the Tribal-S on the left arm,and their numbers "0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8" were sometimes placed on the right arm, and sometimes above the tribal-S logo on the left arm.On some of the jumpsuits,the numbers were on the right arm.Below the barcode the number "742617000027" was written,this number is the barcode on the band's 1st album Mate Feed Kill Repeat and it is also the first track on the selftitled album.

The IOWA jumpsuits are not very different from the old ones.Except instead of the barcode they have a goat on the chest and a Tribal-S on the back.Also on the IOWA ones they have a little ribbon on the right hand with the Tribal-S logo on it (kinda like the nazis had).The numbers on the IOWA ones are on the left hand.Also the goat on the chest is in two colours,sometimes it's red and sometimes it's black.

These jumpsuits they wore in 2002 during their last tours.The jumpsuits have the Slipknot pentagram logo on the chest where the goat and the barcode were,these jumpsuits are dark blue and they are really cool!

Not all the members are wearing jumpsuits on their new album 'Vol 3: The Subliminal Verses'.Some are still wearing jumpsuits,while others are wearing caggy pants and jackets in the same style as the jumpsuits.These jumpsuits are black and have their numbers in a white triangle on the left arm and the new pentagram logo on the right arm.The tribal-S is on the back of the jumpsuits.

Slipknot also have white Vol 3 clothing, but have never worn them live.

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Last modified: 05/09/05